ScotiaBank Arena Art Collection

ScotiaBank Arena Art Collection

My painting “A Night in Late August” was commissioned to become a part of ScotiaBank Arena's new permanent art collection. 
The piece is named for the energy of a night you've spent all summer anticipating. Dark skies, lights and the breezy, temperate freedom of an August night lends the perfect backdrop to the late-summer show. The music is weaving complete strangers' stories together. The atmosphere of the space starts to take on the energy of the night until it feels as though you're all connected through this shared moment. It's an inherently human experience, to be moved by music, together. This piece was created for that feeling. For connection - to the music, to the night, to each other.

This opportunity is beyond anything I could have dreamt and I am absolutely honoured to be taking a part in such an incredible exhibition, surrounded by hugely talented fellow artists.

Thank you to the whole team involved at Sports and The Arts and MLSE for putting on such a lovely evening for the unveiling. Akasha Art did a fantastic job framing each of the pieces.

It is an incredibly poignant feeling to have a piece hanging in a place that I only associate with deep, deep joy. I could cry thinking of all of the joyful memories I have tied to this particular building. A part of my heart was always here, but now a real tangible piece of it will stay.
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